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Good News For The Tiny Tots:

LED’s has been installed in each lobby of Primary and Montessori Section for having easy access to visual aids.

Computer Laboratories:

Three air-conditioned computer laboratories for Junior, Middle and Senior School with Internet access.


Two well stocked libraries for Junior/Middle and Senior schools. Each library can accommodate 60 students at a time.


School has an air-conditioned auditorium, with capacity for 150 students, for lectures, Seminars, video shows, Interclass and Inter School Declamation Contests, Orientation Meetings and other presentations.

Audio Visual Facilities:

OHP and Multimedia is available for use by students in different seminars and presentation held in the school premises and by teachers as a teaching aid. Senior School classes have a Sound System installed in all classes to facilitate Listening activities. The use of cassette players for reading and comprehension activities is a regular feature of language classes. Syllabus is also supported by viewing of Educational Videos.

Availability of Lift for the Staff and Students with Special Needs:

We have installed an elevator at school to make it easier for staff and students with special needs or disabilities.

Fully Equipped Gymnasium:

We have a fully-equipped gymnasium on the Ground floor to  give the students a change from their regular time table of studies and classes. The main objective of the gym is to help the students develop more strength and stamina in terms of their health and other activities.The formation of the gym will enhance the overall development of the students as they will be exposed to many types of exercises to improve their fitness and endurance power. 

Health Care/First Aid

Health care services are available as children spend most of their time in school and are vulnerable to injuries and mild ailments, hence requiring first-aid care.